Yes, you can change the font and color of your text. To change your font, select the text you want to change. It will be surrounded a by a reddish box once selected as depicted below.

After highlighting the text, you’ll see some new options appear above the card. Using these alters the text box you have selected only. You can set different fonts, but only if each font has its own text box. It’s also worth noting that while we have options for Bold, Italics, and Underline, not all fonts support those looks.

Color is also available to be changed via this same avenue. Once text is selected, click the color option in the text options bar. You’ll be able to select most any visible color via a hexcode, or by using the color tools.


***Some text is not a font, but an embellishment or ‘artwork’ within the designer. Embellishments and Artwork can’t be changed in the same ways as they are effectively images. If there’s fancy looking text you can’t click on or alter, chances are its an embellishment. We have hundreds of embellishments available for your browsing, which are all located under the “Artwork” icon on the lefthand toolbar.