For every planner, be it a Mom planner or Vertical Weekly planner, there are very limited way that you can alter the inside of the planner.

Most important to this rule is that each planner format is printed from a master file. This master file is what’s used for everyone else’s planners. These files are HUGE, and very difficult to edit so that they’re consistent. We make improvements to our formats over time, but we don’t allow for customers to change the format itself.

Recently, we’ve allowed for what we call variable data to be added to the planner. This means, that if you get a format that has spots to write in that might not change week to week. These include our Vertical Weekly with Times (you can set the start time), Teacher planners (you can set up classes or periods through your day), Student planners (almost the same as teacher, set classes or times of day), Mom planners (you can set up the names to be printed inside), and a few other cases. You will have an option to add this data for any of the planners that allow it.