We like to give as many options as we can. The cover for your planner is one of them. We want you to make full use of it!! For cover options, in the way of how they’re made:

1. Hard Cover – This is the most durable option. A big thick cover will house your planning for a long time. This is also the biggest, heaviest, and thickest option. If you have size concerns, these can get big. Only the outside parts of the covers can be printed on. This is our recommendation for most purposes.

2. Soft Cover – Allows the cover to be printed front and back, so more room for mementos, phrases and photos. A bit lighter, but trades that for overall durability. Available in either a thick Laminate cover, or a Synthetic cover featuring an additional frosted cover over it.

3. Binder – Allows your planner to fulfill many purposes, and be reused quite easily. The same quality of paper can be purchased as your insides, just 3-hole punched instead.