Yes, you can upload your own design. Learn about your options below.

Upload Your Design As A Photo

If you created a design in Photoshop, InDesign, using some other program, or even on paper, and you would like us to print it for you, you can upload it to our design center as a photo.

Start by going to our Create Your Own Card page, located here. Click on the card dimension you would like to create and make sure to save your design with identical dimensions and as a .jpg, .gif, or .png file. You’ll also be able to select planners, notebooks and more from this page, but we’ll focus on cards for now. Once you’ve clicked on the dimension you’ll need, a page will show like the one below. Click the personalize button to get started designing.

Clicking Personalize will take you to the Design Center where you can upload your design as a photo by clicking on the Photo tab, then on the Upload Your Own Images button. You’ll be prompted to choose your image file from what’s saved on your computer.

After selecting and uploading your design, it will appear in the tray of photos on the left. Use the big + symbol to add it to your design.

Arrange your design so it fits within the crop lines. If your design is a high resolution photo, and it appears blurry in the Design Center, don’t worry — the finished product will look crisp. High resolution photos appear to be of lower quality in our Design Center because we temporary bring down the resolution so the software runs smoothly. Your printed design will look as clear as the photo you upload.

If you’re concerned about your photo quality, please feel free to contact our customer service team for assistance at 425-428-6115 between 8AM PST and 4PM PST on weekdays or by email at