Yes, this comes included with mailing service. We will print your recipient addresses on your envelopes in black, Times New Roman font. You can choose between standard white envelopes, recycled kraft or a variety of colorful envelopes offered at an additional cost. Please note that we aren’t able to do address printing on our Black Licorice envelopes.

You can also opt for personalize full-printed envelopes or personalized return address only envelopes. The price of the envelope printing option you choose will be applied to your total, in addition to the cost of Mailing Service.

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Please note, if you opt for personalized envelopes, the mailing address portion of the envelope will be printed in black, Times New Roman font. Also, you will still need to enter your recipient addresses when purchasing personalized envelopes.

We offer two Mailing Service options: Full Mailing Service and Address Printing Only. With Full Mailing Service we print, package, address, seal, stamp, and send your stationery for you. With the Address Printing Only option, we only print your recipients’ addresses on your envelopes. This option will save you time, but you’ll still have to package, seal, stamp, and send your stationery after you receive your order. Learn more about Mailing Service here.