To add text to a design in the Design Center:

  1. Select the “Text” icon from the vertical toolbar on the left side of the Design Center.
  2. You’ll notice a couple new choices once you click on “Text”. The “Custom Font Style” section allows you to choose a new font style, a font color, and a font size for the line of text you’d like to add to the design. Essentially, you are creating a line of text from scratch. Don’t worry, you can change the style, color, or size later if they are not to your liking. Simply click the “Add” button when you are finished, and it will add a text box with the words “Enter Text Here” in it onto your design in which you will be able to type in your replacement personalized text.
  3. The second section of the Text toolbar shows the “Styles Used in This Design”. This keeps track of what sizes, colors, and styles of font are already in your design. If you’d like to add another line of text similar to a line of text already in your design, simply click the “Add” button next to the desired choice.



From either of these choices, you can then edit your new line of text and position it where you’d like on your design.