To align your photos:

  1. Select the photos on your design that you want to align. To click on multiple photos, simply hold down the Shift key while selecting your photos.
  2. A red box will appear around the edges of the selected photos.
  3. A horizontal toolbar at the top of the Design Center will also appear. Find the button that says “Align”. If you select multiple photos to align, find the Alignment icon (to the left of the Trash icon).
  4. There are 6 different alignment types to choose from. Click on one or more of the following based on how you want to align your photos.
  • Align Left
  • Align Horizontally
  • Alight Right
  • Align Top
  • Align Vertically
  • Align Bottom

Align Horizontally will bring the selected photo to the mathematical horizontal center. Align Vertically will bring the selected photo to the mathematical vertical center.

Be aware that selecting more than one photo will center those items together, but not necessarily to the card.

Align One Photo:

Align Several Photos: