‘I like the design, but I want to use it for something else, can I change the words?’

For sure! We like seeing all the ways our products get used.

When you first open a design you like, you’ll get a few options. To add text or to alter preexisting text, you have a few places you can click to get started.

Click any text to select it. There are many shirts we have where the text is part of an image, and that can’t be readily changed.

Clicking on the text on the shirt’s design will show you all properties to that text, and allow you to edit what it says within the text box you clicked. Know that not all text is actually in a text box, as many of our embellishments have text built into the images themselves, and can’t be readily altered. If you’re trying to alter text that’s part of an embellishment, it won’t select the same way, and you’ll see a red line appear under the “Artwork” icon of the toolbar on the left. This means it’s part of an embellishment and cannot be changed.

Double-clicking on text that can be modified will switch your pointing cursor to a typeface cursor. You’ll also see a blue box appear around the edges of the text box, so you’ll know that that text can be altered. In addition to changing what it says, you can change size, positioning, text alignment and other normal text options. You can deselect by clicking outside of the design area on the shirt.

If you’re needing to add all new text, click on that Text icon on the left toolbar. This will bring up a screen such as the one below:

You’ve got a few fields you’ll want to fill in. Don’t worry about getting it just right, as any of this can be changed after it’s been placed on the shirt.  Choose your font, size and color. There are also selections for any text that’s already on the shirt. It mimics the size, font and color. You’ll type in the actual text. You’ll be able to click, drag, and alter this text in the same way as any other.