You can center any feature on the card that’s unlocked using the Alignment features in the horizontal toolbar at the top of the page.

You can align single items. If you click on a single item, like a textbox, and press the Align Horizontally option from the dropdown, it will put that text box at a mathematical horizontal center of the card (see example below). If you were to click “Align Vertically,” it would place the textbox in the vertical center of the card. Remember fonts look different, so it may need to be fine-tuned from there.


You can also align several pieces of text or features to the left, center, or right. Learn how to align text or features below.

  1. Hold shift on your keyboard. Then select all text boxes you wish to modify.
  2. To change the paragraph style, click the Text Alignment icon located in the horizontal toolbar at the top of the page (see picture #1 below). This will provide a drop-down with the following three formatting choices: Align Left, Align Center, and Align Right. Choose an alignment that works for you. This only affects the orientation of the text within the text box, not the position of the box itself. See 3 for that.
  3. To align all selected text boxes, click on the Alignment Icon located in the horizontal toolbar at the top of the page (see picture #2 below) . Doing so will provide a drop-down with several different alignment choices, listed below. Choose from the following alignment options:
  • Align left
  • Align horizontally
  • Align right
  • Align top
  • Align vertically
  • Align bottom

Picture #1 (Text Alignment Icon):

Picture #2 (Alignment Icon):


If you have any questions on this process, please do not hesitate to contact our support team for assistance!