Below is the guide for customizing a Weekly Layout after you’ve selected the Weekly Custom option (This is Step 2: Inside Page Options)

1.Wait for the popup to open with the weekly layout templates selection. The popup will look like the below image.


2. Scroll through the list and pick a template that you like. All of our templates are completely customizable. If you do not see a template you like, you can modify the design.

3. Click the Red Button Select & Personalize to personalize the layout you’ve selected.  The design will open in the Design Center for personalization and editing. If you would like to order the layout as is, without any changes, click the Grey button Select as Designed to proceed to the next step.


4. To set your start date, click on DATE in the upper left sidebar

5. While in the DATE tab, you can select your inside page color theme: Colorful or Neutral Grey

6. Under the heading SELECT START MONTH, select your planner start-month from the dropdown

7. Under the heading CHOOSE MONTH & YEAR FORMAT, select your month and year format. Drag the month and year to the spot on the design where you’d like it.

8. Under the heading CHOOSE DAYS OF THE WEEK FORMAT and next to START WEEK ON, select the day of the week you want the week to start. For example, if you want the week to start with Sunday, then select Sunday from the dropdown menu.

9. Next to DATE FORMAT, select the date format that you’d like to use

10. Next to COLOR FORMAT, select if you want a colored block or colored text. Remember that this colored block will appear black for the neutral grey option. The colored block will appear in different colors every month for the colorful layout option.


11. Now, you can arrange the month/year and days of the week to wherever you want on the design. Each day of the week needs to be on the weekly spread. To select multiple items at the same time, simply select one item, then hold down control to select the other(s). To lock an item in place, simply click on the item and then press the lock symbol on the upper tool-bar. You can lock multiple items at once by using the control key method described above.

12. You can edit the text on the design by double-clicking on the text. A red textbox will appear and you can make edits to the text.

13. To delete text, artwork, or any elements of the design, you can click on the text once and then click delete on your keyboard or click on the trashcan – second from the left on the top bar. If the text/artwork does not allow you to delete it, it may be locked on the design. Here’s how to unlock elements in the Design Center. Once things are unlocked, you can change/edit/resize it or delete it from the design. To select multiple items at the same time, simply select one item, then hold down control to select the other(s).

14. To add new text, click the TEXT tab on the left sidebar

15. Along the way, if you want to save your changes, you can click the grey SAVE CHANGES button toward the top left of the Design Center.

16. To add artwork, click the ARTWORK tab on the left sidebar. Search in the search bar the type of artwork you’d like to add. Once you’ve found the artwork you want to add,  hover over the artwork and click the Red + Button to add the artwork to the design. The artwork tab will have lines and dots you can add to the design. Just search “lines” for lines and “dots” for a dotted grid.


17. Along the way, remember you can delete any elements you don’t want by selecting them and clicking delete on your keyboard or on the trash can button. To add a new shape or line, click the SHAPE tab on the left sidebar. Click on the shape to add it to the design.

18.You can rearrange the elements on the design to create the type of tables, lists, and schedules that you want for your week. You can center items on the design by selecting both of them using the control key. Then, you will click the alignment button on the top of the screen and click how you want them to be aligned. Align horizontal will align your items horizontally on the design.

19. To save your changes, click the grey SAVE CHANGES button toward the top left of the Design Center.

For additional alignment guidance see our Helpdesk articles:

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PurpleTrail customer service is available if you need guidance through this customization process. You can also email customer service at For verbal guidance through the customization process, feel free to contact customer service at 425 428 6115. We are here to help you!