PurpleTrail’s Quick RSVP Service allows you to easily manage your guest list for the events you have created invitations for online. With the Quick RSVP Service, you can know who’s coming to the event, and if they leave any notes – all through the PurpleTrail website!

First, personalize your design and choose how many printed invitations and envelopes you want. Then, click on the fourth tab labeled “RSVP Quick Service” and select how many RSVP cards you’d like to give to your guests along with their invitations. These printed RSVP cards will have a unique RSVP website URL, and an optional QR code that your guests can scan with a smart phone to access the RSVP link. You’ll also choose a name for your event, the “RSVP By” date, and the date of the actual event.


When your guests visit the unique RSVP link, they are requested to enter their email address, and then proceed to an RSVP form requesting additional details about their RSVP. As soon as they submit their RSVP, a confirmation email is sent to the email address they had provided.

As the host, you can choose to receive an email each time a guest RSVPs for your event to help you keep track of who’s coming and who’s not. You can view a summary of all the responses received, and even print out a detailed list containing each individual guest response. You can also RSVP on behalf of a guest by clicking “Add Guest,” for those who RSVP in person. To share your unique RSVP link on social media, simply click on “Share Event” and choose which social media platform you’d like to post on.

The Quick RSVP Service makes it very easy for guests to RSVP and helps hosts plan incredible events like weddings, birthday parties, bar & bat mitzvahs, reunions, and more. It’s less stress and more fun. Now that is worth celebrating!