Shipping Times, Prices, and Expectations for Domestic Customers

Purple Trail wants to ensure your package is carefully shipped and arrives in perfect condition!

We’ve put together a few options that will get your order to you when you need it.

Two options that affect processing time:

  • Normal – Your order will ship within 3 business days of being ordered. The processing time starts the next business day, or same day if ordered before 6 AM PST.
  • Rush – Your order will ship next business day, or that same day if ordered before 6 AM PST.

For most orders with cards, planners, and other items that can be packaged in a smaller box will have the options of both FedEx and USPS.


  • Shipping a single item (with some exceptions like envelopes or liners with a card will all count as one item) via USPS is $9.95. Adding an additional item to be shipped is $3.95. This is our most commonly selected option.
    • The timeframe for this option is around 8 days from the time you order to the time you have it in hand.
  • To have an order rushed and but still sent via Priority mail costs $19.95 with $3.95 per extra item.
    • The timeframe here is about 4 days to have it in hand from the time you order.


  • Sent via FedEx 2 day mail costs $39.95 as a base, and $6.95 per extra item.
    • The timeframe is 3 business days, 1 to print/process, 2 with FedEx. This is considered Rush.
  • To send the order via FedEx Overnight costs $64.95 with a $9.95 cost per extra item.
    • The timeframe is 1 business day to print and ship, and then it’ll arrive the following day. This is considered Rush.

All items are shipped together as best we can.


Mailing Service

  • This is not covered in this article, but here’s another article explaining the finer points of our mailing service, and how it can benefit you. Mailing service orders can be rushed, but keep in mind that choosing Mailing Service adds two additional business days for processing.

Big Items

  • For all of the oddly shaped, or large format prints, or some of the other cool stuff we do around here, we have a flat rate of $19.95 for ground shipping through FedEx which takes about 5 days. If you were to order alongside another item that we shipped typically, this would incur a separate ship charge.

Pick Up Orders

Finally, if you’re lucky enough to live in the great North West, and are within distance of Issaquah, WA, you can arrange to pick up the order as well from our storefront and facility. There’s no cost associated with this unless you need the order rushed, in which case it’s a flat fee of $9.95, no matter the number of items. This will be an option when you check out usually, but if it doesn’t pop up, throw us a note in special instructions that you’d like to pick up the order, and we’ll refund you right away for the cost of shipping.