Hi, Let’s show you how to use your affiliate links.

So you’re in our program and you want to start promoting. How do you get pictures and links??!? Well here’s the answer.

First, get logged into whatever account we approved for your affiliate sponsorship. This allows the toolbar you’ll use to appear on the right of the page.

pro affiliate 2

pro affiliate 3

Clicking on the blue box pointed out in Picture 1 pulls up what you see in Picture 2 above.


Of the 3 boxes of info there:


1. The first will embed a preview of the design, as well as a written link below it. This is in HTML already for your ease of use. It’ll look like what it does below.


Watercolor Stripes She Believed Mom Planner


2. The second is just the text link to embed. Useful when you can’t necessarily have an image where you’re posting.


Watercolor Stripes She Believed Mom Planner | Mom Planners


3. The 3rd will probably be the most common use. You’ll use that for typical hyperlinking, or just throwing someone a suggestion on social media or otherwise.

A reader of yours who clicks on any of these three links, be them on desktop or mobile and buys something from the site will award you.

For more information on our affiliate program, click here.