With PurpleTrail you have three options for a journal cover:

1. Soft Cover:  We have two soft cover options, a laminate and a synthetic. Laminate is the most popular, but also the least durable. Laminate does what laminate does after time, and starts to peel back. The synthetic doesn’t do that, and is the recommended between the two. It’s just a bit heavier duty, and doesn’t surround cover like a laminate does, but sits as a protective sheet right on top of the cover.

2. Hard Cover: We have a hard cover option that allows for just the front and rear covers to be designed.  This option is the most durable cover we offer and will hold up to long-term wear and tear. These are extremely high quality, printed on vinyl surface and affixed to a sturdy stock.

We also have 3-ring binders that you’re able to purchase along with custom inside pages.