Photo resolution is the number of pixels per square inch. More pixels equals higher print quality. 350ppi is the standard resolution/ppi/dpi recommended for printing.

We recommend using images that are high resolution because these will look clearer and ultimately better when printed. Using low resolution photos will often result in printed photos that look pixelated or blurry.

Here are some rough guidelines to follow. Please note that these are minimum resolution requirements. Your photos should be at least this resolution for the size indicated:

Size of Photo When Printed — Minimum Resolution Required

  • 4×6 size photo — 690 x 460 pixels
  • 5×7 size photo — 805 x 575 pixels
  • 8×10 size photo — 1150 x 920 pixels

Another metric here is PPI/DPI, which is very similar to resolution, but is given different values. We usually shoot for 200 PPI/DPI and above, but 350 is optimal.


*Note* different folks define resolution differently. Resolution means size to some, and that’s not accurate. When we say resolution, we mean how detailed is the photo in terms of pixels per inch.