Paper Pack, is that like custom stationery?

They are one in the same. Our paper packs are sheets of paper designed to look how you need them too. Almost like one of our notepads or journals, but unbound, or can be made into a notepad. You can view all our paper pack options here.

You are able to design the front and back of one sheet in our Design Center that will be duplicated for every page in your paper pack.

There are two sizes much like our planners/journals: 6×8 and 8.5×11.


You have the finishing options to hole-punch your paper pack or to bind them into a notepad (glued at the top with a backboard).

Being one of the most versatile things we sell, these fulfill many purposes. They can be professional letterheads, sheets for an address book or a cookbook of your own design, notepads to write notes in class, etc.

The most confusing part of designing is probably how they look in the design center. Normally we have red and blue lines very close to each other around the edge. As the picture shows below, the ‘safe zone’ or blue zone has been pulled in quite a bit. This is so if you want to eventually hole punch these, or have them bound into something, you’ll know a decent margin to keep the meat of the page within. This is only an estimate based on the room we’d want for binding.


You’ll see the red and blue lines are not where they’d be for a card. This is to show you a safe zone in the condition that you’re going to bind these in to something as well. This isn’t a design where you’d do that, but there are others, and you can build them from scratch too.