Designer Review is probably the best value we offer on this site, and is one of the things that sets us apart from our competitors.


Most orders go to print exactly as they’re ordered. Meaning we print what you design, even if you messed up and didn’t notice, or misspelled something, or the photos are blurry.


Designer Review adds a step to this process. Your card design overall is reviewed by one of our 4 professional designers. These girls are fantastic at what they do, and can make a myriad of changes for the sake of a better print, and let you know about what they did. If the issue is something they can’t fix, say, a blurry image that’s just not quality enough, we’ll notify you via the review.

You’ll be able to interact with them via the review, on a web page that you’ll be linked into. You won’t have direct contact, more like a message board, where you post and they respond in time/queue. They’ll tell you everything they did via this page, and you can respond as well. If there’s changes that need to be made, you’ll be able to dictate that there, be it the text needs to be darker, or the image is too far up for my liking. It’s not quite a ‘you say, we design’ set up, as the card must be built prior to this, but it does work in that way for smaller changes if needed.

With all the things that can potentially go wrong, it’s very easy to see the value here.



Things to keep in mind:

Once the review is done, you’ll have 72 hours to respond. Otherwise, the proof is automatically approved, and sent to print, so we can maintain the shipping time frame.

This is not a service where you get to have us design for you. It’s merely to perfect the design.

If we made a mistake, or didn’t catch something that we would otherwise know better, we’ll make it right. A misspelled word, like a day of the week or something with a common spelling is a good example. Typos in names, or other proper nouns are much harder to catch, and we don’t take responsibility for those.

The proof you receive is a smaller version of the real thing in terms of resolution and clarity. It’s intentionally kept at a lower quality.

The proof you’ll see is a bit bigger than the end product in terms of depiction of the size, as the proof still has edges on it that we’ll cut off in production to bring the card down to the size ordered.

Purple Trail ♥’s you.